Your engagement. Your wedding. Your family. The one thing those all have in common is YOU! You are unique, and your family is special; there will never be another like it! All of the memories and love made will be forever yours. It’s those moments that I’m drawn to, the ones that are uniquely yours in every way and tell your story perfectly.

The connection you and your loved ones share and the raw emotions between you are what spark my passion. Even the smallest details in the in-between moments hold such special meaning. The way he looks at you with love in his eyes, the evening sun shining through her hair, tiny fingers wrapped in yours, a toothy little grin and high pitched giggles…


Telling your story in a way that is just as unique as you are



North East Florida and beyond

“Alyssa has an incredible gift! She was so fun and easy to work with and was able to capture the true essence of our being! I’ll never forget when I opened up our proofs and was instantly brought back to those priceless moments” 

Meet  Me

I create bold and emotional art for adventurous couples and families in a way that tells your story authentically as it is. I want you to be able to feel the moments in your images as though you’re experiencing them all over again. The happiness, the love, the connection. Life is short and we will never get these moments back, but we can re-live them through memories.

All of my sessions are done in natural light- in home or outdoors. I just love the light of sunsets and cloudy days, and I will almost always time your session to be in that natural golden glow of light an hour or so before sunset.

I’m so excited to meet you and get to document your unique story! Let’s connect and start your adventure!

Some of my favorite things:
My husband, my kids, animals, hiking in the mountains, iced Chai tea lattes, good books, plants, and all things Disney or Harry Potter.


“Alyssa is seriously soooooo amazing! Just having her for our pictures has taken a lot of the stress off already!”

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I’m seriously so excited to meet you! So, let’s start planning and bring your vision to life! Once you’ve reached out, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours!